Powerful Discovery

Achieving pioneering goals beyond the expected

Beactica Therapeutic’s fragment-based drug discovery platform is based on state-of-the-art SPR biosensor technology, boosted by proprietary compound collections, methodology, algorithms and experimental designs.

A powerful combination

...This powerful combination enables us to determine simultaneous affinity and kinetics data, as well as novel fragment hits with well-defined interaction mechanisms and a high level of specificity – even when protein crystallisation is not possible.

Higher specificity compounds

Most current drugs are designed to work by interfering with the catalytic functions of the enzyme. Allosteric modulators target alternative binding sites on the enzyme, thereby providing more control over regulation and possible side effects, due to their higher specificity.

Novel therapeutics

Allosteric modulators introduce the possibility of fine-tuning a protein's activity in order to achieve a much-desired variation in treatment response. They also have the potential to provide new therapy alternatives for targets that are inaccessible to active-site inhibitors and therefore undruggable.

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