Identification of MMP-12 Inhibitors by Using Biosensor-Based Screening of a Fragment Library

01 January 2008

Nordström, H.; Gossas, T.; Hämäläinen, M.; Källblad, P.; Nyström, S.; Wallberg, H.; Danielson, U. H. (2008) J. Med. Chem.; 51(12); 3449-3459.

Small inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinase 12 (MMP-12) have been identified with a biosensor-based screening strategy and a specifically designed fragment library. The interaction between fragments and three variants of the target and a reference protein with an active-site zinc ion was measured continuously by surface plasmon resonance. The developed experimental design overcame the inherent instability of MMP-12 and allowed the identification of fragments that interacted specifically with the active-site of MMP-12 but not with the reference protein. The interaction with MMP-12 for selected compounds were analyzed for concentration dependence and saturability. Compounds interacting distinctly with the target were further evaluated by an activity-based assay, verifying MMP-12 inhibition. Two effective inhibitors were identified, and the compound with highest affinity was confirmed to be a competitive inhibitor with an IC50 of 290 nM and a ligand efficiency of 0.7 kcal/mol heavy atom. This procedure integrates selectivity and binding site identification into the screening procedure and does not require structure determination.

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