Board of Directors

Gisela Sitbon, Ph.D. - Chairman of the Board

Board member since 2009, Chairman since 2010

Dr Gisela Sitbon (1958), Deputy Region Director at Innovationsbron AB, has more than 25 years of life-science industry experience within the areas of strategic planning, business development, pharmaceutical R&D and quality assurance. She is a non-executive member of the board at a number of companies and organisations including Industrifonden, an independent ever-green fund investing in Swedish growth companies. Through her own company, ZENZ Bioscience Partner AB, Gisela provides consultancy in the areas of business focusing and business development to high-growth companies.

Gisela Sitbon worked for nearly ten years at Professional Genetics Laboratory AB in a number of senior rôles including Managing Director, Vice President Business Development and Head of Research & Development. Prior, she spent five years in several rôles including Section Head and Project Director at Karo Bio AB, a Swedish drug discovery and development company specializing in targeting nuclear receptors. Gisela gained her Doctorate of Medical Sciences from the Karolinska Institute in 1987.

Uli Hacksell, Ph.D.

Board member since 2017

Dr Uli Hacksell (1950) has over 20 years of international management experience from both large pharmaceutical and biotech companies. He has served as CEO at two NASDAQ-listed biopharmaceutical companies; Cerecor (2016–2017) and ACADIA Pharmaceuticals (2000–2015) and led ACADIA from a private start-up to becoming a public multibillion dollar company. Previously, he held senior executive positions at Astra AB (1991–1999) and was president of Astra Draco, one of Astra’s largest R&D subsidiaries. 

Uli has a diverse Board experience from several long-term assignments, including SynAct Pharma A/S, SLS Invest AB, Action Pharma A/S and the Swedish Medical Products Agency. He currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors at Cerecor, Inc. and is a Member of the Board of Directors at InDex Pharmaceuticals AB and Uppsala University. Earlier in his career he held the position of Professor in Organic Chemistry at Uppsala University where he also received his Ph.D. in 1981.

Helena Danielson, Prof.

Board member since 2006

Helena Danielson (1959) is Professor of Biochemistry at Uppsala University since 2002, and co-founded Beactica in 2006. She is a specialist in enzyme-based drug discovery and has profound experience of the commercial drug discovery process through more than 25 years of collaborative research with industrial partners.

Her longstanding work with biosensor technology and the Biacore technology for detailed studies of enzyme-inhibitor interactions has resulted in the development of new biosensor products of wide use in the discovery industry.

Erik Walldén

Board member since 2017

Mr Erik Walldén (1949) has a record of achievement from over 30 years leadership in the international Life Science industry. He has led the global launching of several new technologies, established and restructured companies, successfully closed private placements and IPOs. He is currently acting as consultant and advisor through his own company Erik Wallden AB. 

Erik has been the CEO for the Swedish company Gyros AB (2009–2013). Before that he was the CEO of the Swedish biotech company Affibody Holding AB (2006–2009), Biacore International AB (2004–2006), and before that the CEO of Pyrosequencing AB (1998–2004). Erik has been active in establishing and part of the executive management of companies such as the US based PerSeptive Biosystems Inc., Pharmacia Biosensor AB and Pharmacia Biotech AB. He is the Chairman of the Board of Erik Wallden AB, Directors of Virgin Instruments Inc., and CellSeed AB.

Magnus Björsne, Ph.D

Board member since 2014

Dr Magnus Björsne (1964) is Executive Director at AstraZeneca BioVentureHub, an initiative to contribute to a more dynamic and competitive life science ecosystem in Scandinavia. He has worked at AstraZeneca in a number of senior roles, including Executive Director, Director and Associate Director in the areas of Business Development and Lead Generation.

Magnus has been a member of AstraZeneca's global chemistry management team and responsible for lead generation chemistry globally within specific therapeutic areas. Magnus is a board member of SwedenBIO, the Swedish trade association for the life science sector. He has an executive MBA from Henley Management College and a Ph.D in organic chemistry from Stockholm University.